Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Menus May 16th - May 31st

Ok here's the menus for the next two weeks. As always this is what I use to make my grocery list from and remember that I don't always follow the day to a tee, if I feel like I can just substitute one day for the other, it makes no difference.

Tuesday 16th
Breakfast: Pancakes, Orange Juice
Lunch: Soup & Sandwiches
Dinner: Salisbury Steak with Rice

Wednesday 17th
Breakfast: Oatmeal, Apple Juice
Lunch: Mini Corndogs, Chips, applesauce
Dinner: Sandra's Chicken/Smoked Sausage Rice

Thursday 18th
Breakfast: French Toast Sticks
Lunch: Hot Pockets & Mac & Cheese
Dinner: Chicken Ring

Friday 19th
Breakfast: Cereal w/milk, Apple Juice
Lunch: Cheese Quesadillas
Dinner: Spaghetti w/ Garlic Bread

Saturday 20th
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Toast
Lunch: BBQ
Dinner: Leftover BBQ

Sunday 21st
Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch: Hotdogs
Dinner: Portuguese Meatballs w/ Fries

Monday 22nd
Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast, Juice
Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Dinner: Ribs, Fries, Corn

Tuesday 23rd
Breakfast: Pancakes, OJ
Lunch: Soup & Sandwiches
Dinner: Sausage Broccoli Skillet

Wednesday 24th
Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Beanie Weenies
Dinner: Roast Chicken and Potatoes

Thursday 25th
Breakfast: French Toast Sticks
Lunch: Corndogs, Chips
Dinner: Fettucine Alfredo

Friday 26th
Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast, Apple Juice
Lunch: Taco Bell
Dinner: Baked Ziti

Saturday 27th
Breakfast: Pancakes, Chocolate Milk
Lunch: Mac & Cheese, Fruit cocktail
Dinner: Pizza

Sunday 28th
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch: Soup & Sandwiches
Dinner: Yummy Hero Sandwiches

Monday 29th
Breakfast: Cereal w/milk
Lunch: Cheese Quesadillas
Dinner: Mushroom Steaks w/ Rice

Tuesday 30th
Breakfast: French Toast Sticks
Lunch: Hotdogs
Dinner: Chili's Monterey Chicken

Wednesday 31st
Breakfast: Oatmeal, OJ
Lunch: Chicken Tenders, baby carrots
Dinner: Domino's Pizza

Now you may notice that some of the items on the menu are the same from last week, that's because I either ended up NOT making them last time or we went out to eat or something, that's why there are some repeats.

Now for tonight I'm making my own recipe. It's sort of a jambalaya. I was trying to figure out what to make with leftover chicken and smoked sausage that I had, when I started adding my own ingredients and it actually turned out REALLY good. Hubby couldn't get enough and the kids also loved it.

As always, you know that I'm not one to measure things, I eyeball everything, so just stick with me here LOL

1 lb chicken tenders, cut into bite size chunks (or if you have leftover roast chicken you can use that)
1 lb smoked sausage, sliced
1 small onion, diced
1 1/2 cups of prepared rice (I usually cook mine separately and then add it to the pan).
Old bay seasoning to taste
salt and pepper to taste
2 tsps crushed garlic
1 bay leaf
chicken broth

I start off my putting about 1 tbsp of olive oil in a pan. Then I add my onions, chicken and sausage and my seasonings. Cook it over medium heat until chicken is brown and cooked through, add about 1 cup of chicken broth and continue cooking for about 15 minutes. You may need to add more broth to keep it from sticking. Like I said, just eyeball here.
Once that is done, you take your cooked rice and add it to the pan. Stir everything together and check the seasonings, may need more salt or old bay seasoning etc. Remove from heat, remove the bay leaf, sprinkle with fresh parsley and that's it.

Let me tell you, I couldn't believe how good it turned out. As always if you try it, let me know :)


  1. Why have I never noticed this site of yours before?!


  2. LOL I don't know, I have it on my links in my main blog, I guess I just don't mention it much LOL

  3. Yea...everyone must come see this site!! I love it it's teaching me ALOT!!!! LOL!

  4. Where do you get old bay seasoning????

  5. I love it, and will be getting some great ideas from you...thanks for stopping by our blog. I'd like to link if you don't mind... For Jamie, I've seen Old Bay at most of the supermarkets around here--usually on the top shelf. Look near the BBQ sauce or marinades, or try the spice aisle.

  6. Courtney - I'm glad I'm helping you LOL

    Jamie - Thanks for stopping by :) Old Bay seasoning is usually by the spice isle, it's a small yellow metal box somewhat like the pepper. :)

    kathryn - Thanks for stopping by :) I would LOVE to be linked to yours. I am linking you to mine too :)

  7. How do you make salisbury steak?

  8. Melissa - I've posted the recipe for you :)