Friday, February 03, 2012

Pepperoni Pizza and Roast Chicken Rolls

Friday nights around here mean pizza, or calzones, or pizza rolls, or pepperoni bread or foccacia or whatever along those lines, which means I'm always on the look out for something to try.

Enter Pinterest.  I would tell you all about it but I don't think I need to, seems everyone and their momma is on pinterest pinning things and sharing things and trying things.


It's like the cool place to hang out and also the place you go to when you want to do absolutely nothing for hours and hours on end.  Yeah you know all about Pinterest.

So while searching for pizza ideas etc, I saw this recipe for Pepperoni Rolls.  Light Bulb moment for me, I haven't made Pepperoni Pizza Rolls in a while, perfect.  Quick, easy and the family loves them.  Now there really isn't a specific recipe for these, matter of fact you can find all sorts of variations all over the internet, everyone uses different dough, everyone uses different fillings, some put the sauce inside, others leave it as a dip on the outside, some leave it whole and slice it when it's time to serve (which is what I do), others slice it up BEFORE baking.  And so on and so forth.


The recipe I saw on Pinterest was from What About Pie and the only different thing about hers, is that she uses my favorite Rhodes Frozen Bread loaves.  Genius!  I usually go with crescent rolls, or homemade pizza dough or Pillsbury French Bread dough, but I really do like how the Rhodes Loaves turned out. :)

We've had a super crazy busy week with sick people, including myself so tonight was Pizza night and the perfect time to serve these again.     But I'm weird, I don't really much care for Pepperoni, I know, shocker.  So when I make Pizza or whatever, I always make something else for myself and tonight I decided to use my leftover roast chicken....and well.........I'll show you what came out of it below.


Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

1 bag Rhodes Frozen Bread Loaves (I always have this in my freezer, use it for many recipes)
Pepperoni slices (I always use the big slices)
Mozzarella, Cheddar, Provolone, whatever you wish
Italian Seasoning

Let your bread loaves thaw out according to package directions.

When completely thawed, sprinkle a little bit of flour on your working surface and then roll the dough out into a rectangle. It may be a little hard at first cause it has the tendency to be elastic and snap back....but keep it at, it will eventually work.

Drizzle a little bit of olive oil and brush it all over, I actually prefer to use my hand to just smear it on nicely. (Just remember to wash your hands well after)

Layer on the pepperoni, then your cheese. I used whatever I have on hand, shredded is fine, sliced is fine too.


Sprinkle on some Italian Seasoning and then roll the bread up nice and tight. Place on a cookie sheet.


Repeat with the other 2 bread loaves.

I only did 2 of the Pepperoni because as I said, I don't much care for it, so I wanted to use up leftover roast chicken.

Here's what I did......rolled the dough to a rectangle.

Then spread on some Buttermilk Ranch. Next I added the leftover chicken which I first shredded.

Topped the chicken with some Provolone Cheese slices, sprinkled on some onion powder and a little oregano and finished it with a basil leaf which I tore into pieces. Roll it up.



Place it on the sheet with the other two, remember to leave a little space.

For the top, the recipe from What About Pie uses melted better, I don't, but I decided to try it, so I just grabbed my butter dish and spread some butter over the top of the rolls.


Pop in a 375 degree oven and cook for about 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown and hollow sounding when tapped on top.



NOTE: It's happened to me before where the very center of the pepperoni bread/calzone etc, wasn't cooked through, that is usually because I don't have the dough rolled out thin enough. If your dough is on the thicker side you may want to turn the oven down to about 325 and cook it a little longer to ensure the middle is cooked through :)


  1. Oh boy, Sandra!! I don't know how you do it!! You know every single recipe of yours I've tried my family LOVES!! They think I'm such a good cook! Hahaha!!! ;) Please keep these fabulous recipes coming, we love them! I'll be trying this recipe this week! Tonight was your cheesy garlic bread pizza was a big hit!

  2. I love Pinterest and find I pin lots of your stuff - and now this is pinned too!

  3. Hi, I read and cook with FBHK for a while and really love (and usually make) your Portuguese recipes, but this idea caught my eye today . Any chance of making it with the freshly made pizza dough?

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I made these last week (Friday is our pizza night and for the last few months it's always homemade) and they were a huge hit here. I love how easy they were. I wasn't sure if it would be enough for a family of 5 that includes two growing boys with very large appetites, but it was plenty and we had the leftovers for breakfast the next day. Thank you so much for all your delicious recipes!

    PS. We dipped them in homemade pizza sauce and since we're going out for dinner tonight, I promised the kiddos I'd make them for dinner tomorrow!