Monday, November 06, 2006

Menu Plan Monday!!!

Well it's monday and time to share our menus. Thank you Laura, my sweet friend over at "I'm an Organizing Junkie" for hosting this each week, I've come to look foward to seeing everyone's menus :)

So here is mine, enjoy, well....I'll enjoy LOL You know what I mean :)


  1. I love reading to see what your family is having.. Hay and straw??sounds ...interesting and intriquing!!Have a great day!

  2. Sounds good...are the slow cooker enchiladas posted here somewhere?

  3. Delicious sounding as always, Sandra! Love the names, fake steak and hay and straw... too cute :)

    Hope you guys are having a good day and a great week!!!

  4. I just love how organized your menu looks! I think I may have mentioned that before ;)

    I'm wondering what hay and straw is though?

    I WILL try and write out our breakfasts and lunches for next week! (I think I said THIS last week too.....*sigh*)


  5. We do piggies in a blanket for Tuesday lunch, too. It makes me feel almost inspired that we have at least one meal in common for the week!

    Tonight was homemade pizza, which I taught my 15-year-old son to make about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, he forgot the yeast, then he added the yeast but added more warm water since it had gotten cool... basically, it was a mess and had to be thrown out, so we wound up with Papa John's!