Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Hint Water

About a week ago, I was contacted on the blog's Facebook page, and asked if I would be interested in trying out the HINT water.

You all know how much I enjoy flavored waters, and there's nothing like foregoing all the sugars and other crud, for good ol plain water flavored with fresh fruit.

I immediately said yes, not only do I love flavored waters, but so do my kids and my husband.

Friday I got a package in the mail with some water to try.


My daughter and I immediately opened up the Fizz Waters and OH.MY.

But before I tell you about that....let me tell you a little more about Hint Water.

It was actually invented by a mom, just like me, who was experimenting with making flavored water at home, by adding fruit to it.

There is no added sugar, chemicals or sweeteners, with just a hint of natural fruit flavors like watermelon, tangerine pomegranate and peach.

Have you ever really thought about how much sugar is in an 8 ounce drink?

You can find Hint water online, or Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Fizz Blackberry and the Peach were DELICIOUS.  It was like drinking an actual blackberry or peach, that is how prevalent the flavor is, but with the added benefits of no sugar and additives....and with great refreshing bubbles.   I've always loved bubbly water.


My son loves Watermelon so he quickly claimed this one and he loved it too.  There's nothing greater than seeing your children chug down water instead of juices and sodas and sugary things.


There wasn't one single flavor that I didn't like, even the Mango-Grapefruit, which I thought at first may be a little bitter because of the Grapefruit, but nope, it was refreshing and really good.

Luckily I don't have to worry about Gluten Free or Vegan , but I know a lot of you out there do, so that's another great thing about the Hint water.  It's Vegan, Gluten Free, No MSG, No Preservatives....AND made in the USA.

If you're wanting to try some Hint water for yourself, go on over to the website and check out all the different flavors, there's even Cucumber and Honeydew-Hibiscus.  WOW!

You can also find the Hint water at retail stores like Jewel-Osco, Wegman's, Adronicos, Starbucks, Sprouts and Whole Foods, and many more.

If you love flavored water, you gotta give it a try, you won't be disappointed. 


  1. Looks delicious! I'd love to try it myself.

  2. Can't wait to get some for my mom (ok, me, too)... I think she'd love these and I love that there's nothing much added to them at all!

    Great Review!