Thursday, June 18, 2015

Knock, Knock....anyone still out there?


Oh what a crazy past few months this has been, actually what a crazy year it has been for my family and I.

I just realized that my last post on this food blog was back in January when I made those amazing Banana Beignets, which if you haven't yet had a chance to try, I would suggest you do.

I've since relocated from Idaho to the beautiful State of Texas and it's been a crazy roller coaster.  My husband came first and the kids and I remained for 4 months before joining him, it kind of meant not cooking much in the sense of trying new recipes or making elaborate meals.  When it's just the kids and I, things like hotdogs and chicken nuggets and ramen noodles seem to take the stage.  Boy was I glad when we finally reunited with the hubster and I could start thinking of cooking actual meals.

I'm now in Texas, I've not yet started cooking much but that is about to change, which means this blog is going to get a nice little revamp and a pick up.

It's time for me to clear out the cobwebs, make a new header, change out the background and get back to cooking in my huge kitchen.

What say you?  Ready for new recipes?  Is anyone even still out there?


  1. Still here. Think about posting some low carb recipes or ones easily convert to LC.

  2. Can't wait for new recipes. Missed this blog!

  3. I'm still here and looking forward to your recipes, as always!

  4. Looking forward to it! Bring it on!

  5. I'm still out here! Glad you're back!! Looking forward to some new recipes and maybe something Portuguese :-D

  6. Still here and welcome back.