Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night I made Shrimp Egg Rolls, using the same recipe I did for my Chicken ones. They were DELISCIOUS. I remember when I posted the other Egg Roll recipe I didn't have any pictures to show you how to make them, especially the folding etc.

So last night, camera in hand, I took pictures every step and now I'm sharing them here for you. Just follow the recipe for the Chicken ones, but substitute the Shrimp for the Chicken.

The filling ready to go

Place your Lumpia Wrapper this way:

Place the filling in the middle

Fold over one side:

Fold over the next side, it's like folding an envelope:

Fold up:

This is what it looks like when done:

Here they are ready to fry:


Yummy Egg Rolls all ready to eat.

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