Saturday, June 11, 2011

In and Out Burgers

Have you ever had an In and Out Burger?  Chances are if you don't live on the West Coast, then the answer would be NO and I tell you, you don't know what you're missing.

These are my favorite burgers on the face of this planet.  I know, mighty dramatic huh?  But really I don't think I could explain how much I love them.  They are the only hamburger that will make me salivate and drive out at all times of the day to get one.

My whole family loves them and I think one of the things the kids love the most is sitting in the drive thru and watching the burgers and fries being made.  Everything fresh, right there in front of you....not to mention the cute little uniforms and the friendly staff.

In and Out Burger

But back to the  burger.  YUM is not even good enough to describe it.

If you have tasted them and are now living in an area where there is no In and Out Burgers around, then I have a special treat for you.

See I don't mind going to the actual place to pick them up but it does get expensive and if I can make them at home, then even better because now I know that I can enjoy one at any time of the year.  Of course, before I give you the recipe, bear in mind that it will never be EXACTLY like their burger, I think the would be impossible to replicate but this one comes mighty might didn't even know it was homemade.  :)

I searched online for quite a while and found a few recipes here and there but this one from Jason's BBQ Adventures is the one that is closest to the original.

In and Out Burger

In and Out Burgers

Special Sauce:

1/2 cup mayonnaise2 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon white vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons sweet pickle relish
2 teaspoons finely minced white onion
dash of salt
dash of pepper

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl,

In and Out Burger

cover, let sit in the fridge for a couple hours to let the flavors bind together.

In and Out Burger

Burger Ingredients:

Hamburger buns
Grilled hamburger patties
Slices American cheese
Onion slices
Tomato slices
Iceberg Lettuce (not shredded)
Special Sauce (see above)

Believe it or not, one of the biggest steps in the In and Out burger is the way you put it together.  Here it goes:

First step, spread the special sauce on the bottom of the buns.

In and Out Burger

Next is the tomato slices.

In and Out Burger

Followed by the iceberg lettuce

In and Out Burger

Hamburger patty, cheese slice, thick onion slice (don't separate into rings), then top with the other half of the bun.

In and Out Burger

You now have an In and Out Burger.

In and Out Burger

Sink your teeth in and enjoy.  Oh and if you like more sauce by all means add more, if you like less than you can do that too.

If you want to do the Double Double Style Burger, after you add the onion slice, top with another burger pattie with melted cheese.

Now I'm off to have another because you can never have just ONE In and Out Burger.  I'm sure I'll be dieting extra hard next week but for now.....I don't care, my hips can just zip it and enjoy it.



  1. I keep hearing how fabulous these burgers are...and now I can {sort of} find out for myself~w/out the trip to the West Coast:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. First time I've heard of them but they sound awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

    Dancing together at the foot of the Cross,

    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  3. Ooooooooh.. yummy! Gonna try this one on my man-child.

  4. Any tips of the best type of patty to use?

  5. I love In and out so much, but I haven't been to California in so many years. I'm gonna pin/bookmark this and be sure to make it soon :)

  6. I am new to your blog, and wanted to say hello :)
    I have never been to an In and Out Burger, but I have heard great things about them... and I cannot wait to try this recipe! Looks so yummy!!!!

  7. After seeing this post, I HAD to make them. There is no burger in the world like In-n-Out. The sauce is fantastic and it was a great bbq burger!!! I used real cheddar cheese but I am sure it tastes even better with American. Everything I have ever made from your food blog turns out wonderful, Sandra!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. no in & out here but reading the recipe and seeing your pictures makes me drool. I will try these some time.

  9. I worked at in n out during college and still enjoy a good burger so I will have to give this a try!

  10. I live in the south so have never had In and Out burgers. BUT, I was in your neck of the woods (sorta) last week and we stopped at an In and Out in Kingman, good burgers! They had some big machine that would chop the onions in about 2 seconds.

  11. Thanks for the link and glad you liked the recipe! In N Out is something I definitely missed from my days in Southern California. Always Make sure to hit it at least once when I am out there visiting family.

    -- Jason

  12. I am lucky enough to live in Southern California where an In & Out Burger is just minutes from the house (which is both a good and a bad thing). For fast food burgers, they are the best. Although personally, I don't like their fried much, even tough they are made with real potatoes. Wish they did a double fry method.

  13. It looks divine!! Yummy, will try it out!!

  14. I can't describe my joy at finding this recipe. I'm currently blessed with an In & Out right around the corner, but if (God forbid) we should ever be parted, I will keep this with me always.
    God bless,



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