Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

By Sandra - Saturday, June 16, 2012

So in my attempt to keep my kids minds off daddy being gone, I have tried to make them fun meals, something that will bring a smile to their faces.

Tonight's dinner definitely did that.

Back when Jasmine was in kindergarten, the school had a book fair and one of the books I picked up was this really cute little book of Kid's Snacks.  It's filled with really cute ideas.

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

I wish you all could have seen their faces when they came to the dinner table, they were so shocked and excited.  The next few minutes were spent comparing buggies, telling each other stories about where they were driving, and even crashing one of the buggies and then putting it back together again LOL

I think mission accomplished and score another for mommy.

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy
Source:  Silly Snacks

Hotdog Buns
Homemade Sloppy Joe Mix (or your favorite sloppy joe recipe)
Pretzel sticks
Cucumber, sliced

Don't slice the hotdog buns.  Using a knife cut a hole on the top of the bun and scoop out the inside.

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

Take a pretzel stick and gently stick it through the bun in the back, from one side to the other, then pop on a cucumber slice on each side for the back wheels.  Do the same with the front.

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

For the lights, cut a black olive in half, then break a pretzel stick in half, gently push it through the front of the bun where you want the light located, stick half of an olive on there.

Fill the inside of the bun with sloppy joe meat mixture.

That's it.  Easy Peasy but they look really cute :)

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

And according to Nicholas, this poor buggy crashed LOL

Sloppy Joe Bun Buggy

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  1. Those buggies look awesome! My kids will love it :)

  2. These are the most creative things I have seen all day! I love this so much, this is great!

  3. Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing these with me today. I showed Luke and you should have seen his face light up. When I asked if he'd like to make those, he said "Oh yes, that would be cool!" I'm going to pin it to my Fun with Food Pinterest board.