Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beef, Banana Peppers and Provolone Sandwich

As soon as the temperatures start cooling, my slow cooker starts seeing the light of day, like constantly seeing the light of day, at many times working almost daily in my kitchen.

We had a couple of errands to run this morning and then I wanted to get some more sewing done while the kids and daddy played games on the TV.  So dinner was thrown into the crockpot at 8am this morning and by the time we sat down, it the meat was tender and had sucked up all the goodness from the peppers.  So good!

This recipe was inspired by one I saw at Our Best Bites a while ago.  It's so easy that I didn't save it or bookmark it but go on over and check out their blog, it's full of great recipes.

Beef, Banana Peppers and Provolone Sandwich

2lb rump roast
1 jar of banana peppers
salt and pepper
garlic powder
sandwich buns

Rub salt and pepper all over the roast, sprinkle on some garlic powder and pop it into your slow cooker.

Dump the contents of the banana peppers jar into the pot, and yes I mean everything, the peppers and the juice etc. Close the lid and cook on low for 8 hours.


I cranked it up to HIGH the last 2 hours just because, I don't know why but it worked great.

When ready to eat, shred the beef. Slather on some mayonnaise on the two halves of the sandwich buns, put a big mound of the meat filling on one half, put a slice of provolone cheese on top and then take the other half, and dip it into the gravy in the crockpot, then plop on top and you're done.

These are SO good.


  1. YUM!! My daughter absolutely loves banana peppers so I know she will love this. Hopefully one of our local stores will have roasts on sale soon. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  2. These look great. How spicy does it become with the peppers? I have some little palates here that are sensitive to spice/heat. If it's really spicy could you recommend a substitute? Thanks.

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