Friday, February 08, 2008

Baked Potato Soup!

When it's cold there's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup and even though this is Arizona and it really doesn't get cold here, we still enjoy it.

Last night's dinner was Baked Potato Soup, really easy and you won't believe it takes but a few ingredients.

So let's get started:

Here's the cast to this amazing movie soup.

We start off by adding a stick of butter to the pan and 1 small onion, chopped. Simmer for a few minutes until the onion is cooked through.

Once the onions are ready, add in 1/2 cup of flour and stir well, then slowly add in 2 cans of evaporated milk and 2 cans of chicken broth.

Next finally agree to let the kids help because they've been bugging you the last 20 minutes to do so. Give the oldest one a spoon and tell her to stir to her hearts contentment.

Nothing like good food and cute kids all in the same photo.

In the microwave or oven, bake 4 large potatoes. Scoop the pulp from one potato and mash it up.

Add the mashed pulp to the broth mixture.

Cut up the rest of the potatoes into small cubes and add those to the soup.

Simmer for a few minutes, add some salt and pepper to taste. Next you can add some bacon bits or some crisp crumbed bacon. I'm just lazy so I used the cheap stuff LOL

And then realize you are out of green onions so omit those from the soup and tell the family they're not really supposed to be in there, it's NOT part of the recipe. *snicker*


  1. My favorite thing about this blog is all of the PHOTOS!!! I love that! :) Makes it so interesting!

  2. I never heard about this soup. But looks wonderful. I must try it!

  3. I made this for my hubby and he LOVES it; actually, we all do. Great recipe!