Sunday, April 03, 2011

Root Beer Freeze

Have you ever had one?

Do you know what they are?   A Freeze is like a shake, but you use your favorite soda instead of milk.


Now most people go for Root Beer or Coke Floats but honestly, I don't get the appeal.  You are left with a blob of ice cream floating around in your glass, do you slurp that up with a straw?  Do you eat it with a spoon?  Or do you stab it with the straw and eat it that way?  Or wait is that only me who does it?

Needless to say I'm not really a fan of the floats.  But give me a Freeze and Ahhhh, yes, now that I can go for.

You can make these just using root beer and ice cream, but I love adding root beer syrup, and I didn't even know about adding this until I was over at Prudence Pennywise's blog.   She also uses rootbeer for many other yummy recipes, go on over and take a look. 

For the Root Beer Syrup:
3 cans of root beer

In a big sauce pan, over high heat, bring the root beer to a boil.   Boil until reduced by half and syrupy, it will take about 30 minutes.  Cool to room temperature.


For the Root Beer Freezes:

Root Beer
Vanilla Ice Cream
Root Beer Syrup

In the bowl of a blender, combine 1/4 root beer, 1 and 1/2 cups of ice cream and 3 tablespoons of root beer syrup. 


Blend well.  Transfer to a chilled glass or mug or whatever you wish, I even use mason jars to serve in.  Drizzle with some extra root beer syrup.


Now remember, you can make these with Coca Cola or Orange Soda or whatever you wish.  Matter of fact you can make Coke syrup using the same method as the root beer syrup above.


  1. That would be so good right now. I love root beer floats but I think this would be even better.

  2. Sandra, that sounds and looks good. I always treated myself to a rootbeer float in the summer time when I was back home. No such thing as rootbeer over here though. They have something called Dandelion and Burdock, which is supposed to be close, but in truth doesn't come near it!

  3. Sounds so good! I'll be trying it this summer!

  4. Totally can't wait to try this and surprise my son...

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  6. Can't wait to try this with Vanilla Coke Zero and no sugar vanilla ice cream...hope the family loves it! Thanks for the idea! =)