Friday, March 07, 2008

Easy Chocolate Mousse!


I've been making this since forever, I can't remember a time when I haven't whipped up a batch of this chocolate mousse for the kids.....and for us big kids too *wink*

It's SO SO easy and I bet you have all the ingredients sitting in your pantry, so what do you say? You in the mood for some???

In a pan over low heat, melt together 2/3 cup of milk and 3 cups miniature marshmallows, stir continually until melted.

If your arm gets tired grab an unsuspecting husband for the job *wink*Remove from heat.

Beat whipping cream with an electric mixer until stiff. Set aside.

Here's a neat trick I use, you know how when you're using the mixer everything starts flying all over and you tend to end up with splatters of cream or soup or whatever on your appliances, curtains and counters?

Well I set my bowl in the sink and do it in there, any splatters just say inside the walls of the sink and it's SO much easier to clean.

Next add 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips into the marshmallow mixture. Set on low and stir continually until the chocolate is melted.

Remove from heat and let it sit at room temperature until cooled.

Fold in the whipped cream and then spoon into 4 dessert or parfait glasses.

I like taking the canned whipped cream and topping each bowl with some. Pop it into the refrigerator until serving time and VOILA.........Yummy chocolate mousse!


  1. Sandra you had me at chocolate..thanks for sharing this recipe ;-) can't wait to try Sandra's chocolate mousse! have a great day.

  2. This looks so delicious!

    And I just noticed you are using a shabby princess kit for your graphics - i have this one too - although I never remember their names.

  3. My and the boys will do this one tomorrow... yummy!

  4. How much whipping cream? Am I missing it? 1 cup?