Monday, April 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

Happy Monday everyone, this is what's on the menu for this week.

If you want to join in with your own menu or take a look at all the other ladies participating, I suggest you grab a cup of coffee....a HUGE one LOL and then head over to Laura's blog "I'm an Organizing Junkie", there's so much yummy stuff being shared I'm sure you'll find inspiration for your next week's menus too.

Monday 14th

Spinach and Garlic Pizza

Tuesday 15th

Chicken Tortilla Bake

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Friday 18th

Nana's Seafood Gumbo

Nana's Chicken Seafood Gumbo

Saturday 19th

Feijoada (Portuguese Beans)

Sunday 13th

Beef Curry


Desserts for this week:

Pull-Apart Caramel Coffee Cake


  1. Your menu always looks so good ! Yum Yum Yum !!!

  2. Okay, is there a way to get the recipes you don't have highlighted? I think the Chicken Tortilla Bake and the Spinach Garlic Pizza look so good! I see some recipes that are definitely going in my file! Thanks, Jen

  3. Monday through Thursday looks great to me... have an extra seat for dinner? ; )

  4. Great menu! Looks like a very yummy week.

  5. I love the pictures - it makes me sooooooooooooo hungry.

  6. As usual, everything looks yummy!

  7. Menu looks great! Taco soup ...yummmmmy! Have a great week.

  8. I'll second the request for the chicken tortilla bake. I have a large stack of corn tortillas to finish off from my Chicken Tortilla Soup last week.

    Everything Looks So Yum!

  9. That caramel coffee cake has my mouth watering. It looks like I could just reach through the screen and grab it.

  10. Great menu, everything sounds and looks so good :) Thanks for the recipes and the pictures too!

    Have a great week!

    Rachel xxx
    A Juggling Mum

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  11. Love your blog with all the pictures! I'm getting hungry looking at them!
    Thanks for popping by!