Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Menus for next 2 weeks

Alright I finally got a chance to sit down and get these done before I have to leave to take Jasmine to the dentist. Wow I feel like I didn't breathe once during that sentence. LOL

So here it goes, remember I said I'm making portuguese food these next 2 weeks and I will post the recipes here for you, so if you try them out let me know ok?

  • Wednesday 1st - Peixe de Caldeirada (Fish Stew)
  • Thursday 2nd - Salsichas c/ tomate e cebola e arroz (Sausages in tomato and Onion)
  • Friday 3rd - Chicken a la King
  • Saturday 4th - Caril de carne (Beef Curry)
  • Sunday 5th - Galinha com pimentos (Chicken with Green peppers)
  • Monday 6th - Bifes de Cebolada (Portuguese Beef and Onions)
  • Tuesday 7th - Pizza Caseira (Homemade Pizza)
  • Wednesday 8th - Pimentos Recheados (Stuffed Green Peppers)
  • Thursday 9th - Galinha a Braz (Portuguese Chicken Dish)
  • Friday 10th - Carne Assada (Beef Pot Roast)
  • Saturday 11th - Peitos de Galinha Recheados (Ham and Swiss Chicken Rolls)
  • Sunday 12th - Bifes c/molho de Natas (Steaks in a Cream Sauce)
  • Monday 13th - Filetes panados c/ arroz de tempera (Breaded fish filets with curried rice)
  • Tuesday 14th - TAKE OUT
Will post the first recipe tomorrow...and believe me, even though some of the dishes may not sound appealing, because, let's face it, trying to translate something from portuguese to english is not always going to give the best translation....you will be surprised at how good these dishes are.

We have tons of stuff to do today so we're probably going to grab some Subway or KFC or something for dinner. Mmmmmm, seafood sub...I can feel my mouth watering already!

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