Ok here are my menus for this week, and since it's monday, I'm going to add it to the weekly feature over at Organizing Junkie. If you want to see how other families are planning their menus, run on over there, I'm sure you'll find tons of great ideas :)

I have already posted the recipe for the Salisbury Steak so go see it if you're interested. As I make the other meals, I will post their recipes too so don't forget to keep checking back each day.


  1. Sandra I'm amazed that you are able to plan both lunch and dinner. Very impressive! Laura

  2. Hi Sandra. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked if the Crescent Roll Taco Pie was similar to Taco Ring. I bet it probably is. I layer crescent rolls, refried beans, hamburger with taco seasoning, cheese and then top with crushed doritos. The taco ring is probably prettier!! :) I agree with Laura. I'm impressed that you plan both lunch and dinner!!

  3. Very impressive menu!! Like the other ladies mentioned I'm very impressed that you plan lunch as well!! And I thought I was being Ms. Organized!!LOL!

  4. Okay, I went and looked on the OrganizedHome website and found this Weekly Menu Planner, but it's only a printable version. How did you get one that you could type in your menu? :) Can you email me one at


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