Saturday, October 14, 2006


The translation of the name of this dish, is one that usually makes people go "WHAT?!?!?!", because it means "Old Clothes". Yeah, Old Clothes, but really don't be afraid of the name because it has nothing to do with the wonderful taste.

It's nothing extravagant or difficult to make, it's pretty simple and the dish is usually about using leftover meats and veggies from a previous meal, though a lot of people use it for the leftover Christmas Meal, which means codfish, potatoes, cauliflower etc.

This is so simple:


In a large skillet pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil and tons of finely chopped garlic. Now if you don't like that much garlic, just use one clove, finely family and I LOVE garlic so I use a lot.

Next you add one large onion, finely sliced. Toss together with the garlic and olive oil, then add the leftover meat, shredded or cut into bite size chunks..

Add potatoes or leftover veggies and stir together over medium heat until it's warmed through.
A great idea is to use some Potatoes O' Brien. I always have them on hand, and when the leftovers didn't have any veggies, I add about a half a package of the Pototoes, it's great because they already have peppers included.

That's IT!!! It's a great way to use leftovers especially if you have a big pot roast sitting in the fridge :)


  1. Sandra: What are Potatoes O'Brien? This should reveal my cooking 'lack'!! Thanks. I love making meals from what's on hand. Yum...this looks good!!

  2. mrs. k - Potatoes O'Brien are usually sold in the frozens section by the frozen fries. It's a mixture of potatoes, onions and green and red peppers. It's delicious for breakfast like a hash brown kinda dish, or to add to other dishes, like this one :)