Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pork in a Creamy Wine Sauce

I was not feeling well yesterday so when dinner time rolled around, the last thing I wanted to do was be standing over the stove cooking anything.

I had some pork stew meat out and just threw this dish together, the result was a really delicious creamy dish that we all loved.


Pork in a Creamy Wine Sauce

1 lb pork stew cubes (if you can't find the cubed pork, you can also use some boneless pork chops cut into bite size pieces)
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 garlic clove, sliced
olive oil
bay leaf
salt and pepper
white wine
heavy cream

In a large skillet, add a little bit of olive oil, the pork, garlic, onions, salt and pepper and bay leaf. Cook for a minute or two, then add about 1 cup of white wine.


Cover and cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes or until meat is cooked through. Keep checking often, don't let it dry up, just add a little bit of water at a time and a few blobs (lol) of butter.


Once the meat is cooked, add some heavy cream. Now I know I'm not giving you exact amounts because I just eyeball these things.

The more cream you add the more gravy you'll have, so it's entirely up to you. Add a tablespoon or so of flour and using a whisk stir really well until it is all dissolved, you don't want any lumps, just a smooth creamy gravy.


When gravy is thickened, remove from heat, add a little bit of parsley and serve over rice or mashed potatoes.


It is SO tasty and really filling. Enjoy!


  1. This does look yummy.

    Hope you are feeling better today.


  2. That looks so tasty--another one to try from you. Some of your recipes have become regular menu items at our house. Thanks. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Sounds yummy. It's hard to go wrong with a cream sauce!

  4. I made this recipe! Really yummy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is similar to a dish I make, with pork tenderloin slices pounded thin. I use sherry instead of white wine, and add a little dijon mustard to the sauce. My kids can't get enough. YUM!

  6. I made this two days ago and YUUUMMMM!!!!! I served it over mashed potatoes with veggies on the side. It was a winner! The only thing I did a little differently was to add a dash of smoked paprika.