Monday, November 24, 2008

Menus November 24 - 29

Breakfasts are usually cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, sausage biscuits, muffins etc.

Lunch is just for me and hubby while he works swing shift, so we usually just have leftovers or a sandwich

MONDAY 24TH - Arroz de Peixe - Fish Rice

TUESDAY 25TH - Simple Stuffed Shells

WEDNESDAY 26TH - Rolinhos de Salsicha e Queijo - Sausage and Cheese Roll ups

THURSDAY 27TH - Thanksgiving Dinner

FRIDAY 28TH - Leftovers

SATURDAY 29TH - Sausages in tomato sauce and rice

SUNDAY 30TH - Homemade Pizza



  1. Oh the sausage and cheese roll-ups look wonderful! Are they wrapped with wonton wrappers? The fish rice looks incredible!! Will you put up recipes for those as well? :) Your food always looks so DELICIOUS!

  2. Great menu! Your picture on the side bar is so cute! Love your haircut!
    -sandy toes

  3. Oh wow, you're killing me! Stuffed shells, sausage rollups, pizza and then Thanksgiving dinner and yummy leftovers! That all sounds awesome. I hope you and your family have a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  4. great pictures!
    I am still such a fan of Apple Dumplings!

  5. Sounds yummy... will be loooking forward to the recipes!

  6. Mmmm, looks good. Can I come to your house for dinner. Like your blog. Your life sounds a lot like mine..except our dogs aren't pugs.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. FYI---I'm not really sure how I found your blog...but I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the great recipe ideas. I've made many of them, and they have all turned out AWESOME!! It's so hard for us stay-at-home mom's to come up with a great meal every night...but you make it much easier. Thanks for all your great ideas! You are much appreciated in our household!!

  8. Oh the sausage and cheese rollups sound wonderful! Will you be sharing the recipie for them?

  9. Oh the sausage and cheese rollups sound wonderful! Will you be sharing the recipie for them?

  10. I'm going to join the requests for the sausage and cheese rollup recipe!



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