Friday, January 02, 2009

Homemade Butter!

You may think it's hard to make and you make think that you are just not cut out to be churning butter. But this method is so quick and so simple and produces the most delicious creamiest butter you'll ever find. You will wonder why you haven't been making butter your whole life. 


16 oz. heavy whipping cream 
1 empty, clean jar with a tight fitting lid


Pour the whipping cream into the jar and close tightly. You gotta make sure that lid is on there really good.  
Now you're going to start shaking, just shake and shake and shake some more. Pass it around the house and let the husband and little kids get in on it too. The kids were dancing around with it in the living room. 
Just to be safe, if you want you could use a plastic jar too so that if it falls it won't break.  You'll notice the butter go through different stages. When you first start shaking you feel it swooshing in there, then it covers the whole side of the jar, then eventually it will start pulling away from the sides and turning solid.  
Once the butter has turned solid, drain out the buttermilk. DON'T throw it away, that is the best part, you can use it for pancakes or biscuits or waffles or even for fried chicken. 
Mine is in the refrigerator and will be used for the biscuits I'm making for tomorrow's dinner. At this point, I ran it under some cold water until the water was clear. Then I added some salt and stirred it up real good. You don't have to add salt, you can leave it unsalted, it's up to you.  
Here's the buttermilk....YUM! 
Go on and spread it on some warm bread and let me know what you think. 
We all agreed that this was one of the most delicious butters we had ever tasted and from now on, I'll be making my own instead of buying from the store. If only I had done this before, I think of all the times I ran out of butter in the house and had whipping cream sitting right there. 
What a waste LOL 


  1. I've always wanted to try this - and what a fun thing to do with kids around!

  2. O que é o whipping cream? Eu falo manteiga, mas com natas (e na máquina, não à mão) :)

  3. Can't wait to try this recipe, but I'm a bit confused. Your ingredients say 16 oz. whipping cream, but later you talk about buttermilk. Where does the butter milk come in? Do you use both buttermilk AND whipping cream? And if so, how much bittermilk?

    Hope you see this comment soon and can set me straight. :-)

  4. This is a great experiment to do with the kids. I have never done it myself, but I think I just might. It looks like fun and good exercise and what a sweet reward to find at the end!

  5. Wow im so going to try this! To the other poster..I think what she ment was the buttermilk is wat is left over after shaking it for so long..there was a small amount left after it had turned to butter:) thats what my understanding is

  6. Too funny, I bought the whipping cream right before christmas to make butter and then couldn't find the recipe.

    So today I go looking and I find that you read my mind!

    Now I have the recipe again!

    Thank You!

  7. Hmmm that sounds good. how long does it take from start to finish and how long does it last?

  8. Cool! I might just try it.


  9. This looks like a really fun thing to do with the kids. I was wondering what size your jar was like was? Is it 1qt size or larger or smaller?

  10. My kids made butter in school before & loved doing it. Might have to try this.

    One question, what do you mean you ran it under cold water until the liquid was clear. Are you talking about the actual butter?

  11. That is the fun way! The easy way:
    You can mix the cream in a mixer or food processor. The cream should be at room temperature. Butter keeps longer if you work and wash it - add a cupful of iced water to the butter fat (already drained off the buttermilk) whizz and then pour off the water - continue this until the water is clear. Use a masher to press out the last of the liquid. Keep in fridge and will last a week or more. I love your site and have been lurking and making many of your delicious recipes. Do you have one for portuguese peri, peri chicken?

  12. Hi Sandra! I just made the butter!! It was alot of fun and took me about 15 minutes. Is that normal? I tried draining it, but no buttermilk came off. I guess I shook it a little too long. Next time, I'll try shaking it for only 10 minutes. lol It's so smooth and creamy. I love it! How long does it usually last? Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  13. This looks so fun and easy. I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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