Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - July 16th

Boy did I miss cooking.  Not only thrilled that my wonderful husband is back with me, but even moreso knowing that I can get back to cooking full time :)

Here's the Menu Plan for the week.

Monday July 16th, 2012
BREAKFAST: Sausage Biscuit, Juice
LUNCH: Ono's Hawaiian Barbecue Italian Island Curry Chicken
DINNER: BBQ Ribs, Corn on the Cob, Baked Potato Rounds

Tuesday July 17th, 2012
BREAKFAST: Fresh Homemade Bread with butter, Milk
LUNCH: Salad
DINNER: Chicken Meatballs with Mushrooms and Rice

Wednesday July 18th, 2012
BREAKFAST: Waffle Sticks, Juice
LUNCH: Taquitos
DINNER: Bifes Estufados a antiga (Portuguese Steak)

Thursday July 19th, 2012
BREAKFAST: Muffins, Milk
LUNCH: Mac and Cheese, Fruit
DINNER: Handmade Ricotta Cavatelli with Pepperoni and Tomato Sauce, Garlic Bread

Friday July 20th, 2012
BREAKFAST: Pancakes, Juice
LUNCH: Club Sandwich
DINNER: Pork tenderloin with lemon and cilantro, and garlic butter spaghetti

Saturday July 21st, 2012
BREAKFAST: Breakfast Burritos
LUNCH: Pan Pizza
DINNER: Country Club Chicken with Mashed Potatoes

Sunday July 22nd, 2012
BREAKFAST: Bacon, Eggs
LUNCH: Grilled Cheese and Tomato/Grilled Cheese and Ham
DINNER: Stir Fry Ginger Beef and Broccoli with Rice

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  1. I am going to try fixing a pork tenderloin with lemon and cilantro that sounds very good. Breakfast burritos are a regular around here and well liked.

    Drop by for a peek at my menu for the week.