Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bacalhau com Natas - Cod Fish Casserole

This is one of those dishes that if you ask any portuguese person, they will most likely have tried it at least once in their life. Bacalhau (salt cod fish) is a staple in the portuguese kitchen, and it can be quite expensive but it's readily available in any Portuguese community. 
The only way I can get it here is either by having my family mail it all the way from South Africa or I would have to go online and pay a crazy amount for shipping. Recently my commissary started carrying cod fish, not the salted kind, but it's the same thing. 
Usually when it's salted you have to soak it for 24 hours before cooking but when it's just frozen you can skip that part. So this past week I bought some to make this wonderful cod fish in a cream sauce with potatoes and onions and garlic and OH.MY.GOODNESS. Love it! It's also my kids favorite way to eat fish. 


4 cod fish fillets (btw, you can substitute any other fish if you prefer) 
4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed 
2 medium onions, sliced thinly (or 1 large) 
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 
olive oil 
salt and pepper 
shredded carrots....about 1/4 cup 
3 green onions, thinly sliced 
For the cream sauce: 
2 cups of milk 
1 cup of heavy cream 
2 tablespoons of butter 
4 tablespoons flour
Cook the potatoes in boiling water until tender, transfer to an oven proof dish. Set aside. In another pot, cook the fish until done, drain and shred the cod fish. In a skillet, add the olive oil, onions, garlic,
carrots, green onionsand salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes until veggies are tender, add the cod fish and check the seasonings. (If you're using salt cod you don't need to add any extra salt)


In separate pot, mix the milk, cream, butter and flour and using a wire whisk, cook over medium heat until thick. If need be use an immersion blender to get all the lumps out. Add the cod fish mixture to the potatoes and stir everything together.

Now pour the cream sauce over the mixture and pop into a 375º oven for about 20 minutes or until it's hot and bubbly. (Another variation is to add some bread crumbs to the top before popping in the oven).


  1. Wow, this looks great! Hmmm might have to try this. I don't often see cod in my grocery store, but I'll have to look! I wonder what it would taste like with salmon

  2. Mmmm... looks delicious. Reminds me of my Mom's codfish cakes. I can get the salted cod here, but it is very expensive.

  3. That looks so yummy. I haven't had it in sooo long. I'm printing this out and making it soon.

  4. What is in my oven right now? Anutie Betty's Pasta Casserole..I can't wait to try it!!

    I am not much of a fish person:)!
    -sandy toes

  5. I've never had anything like this, but it looks incredible! I have only baked fish, so I don't know anything about cooking it. Do you just put the whole fillet down in water and bring it to a boil? Or do you dice it first and then cook it? I'd love to make this. Our favorite fish is Tilapia. Do you think that would be good in this?

  6. This sounds so good. I'm always looking for new recipes to try...this one will go on my list for sure!

  7. this was last night's dinner. it was yummy. and I've now linked to it from my blog. I originally linked to your other cod fish main dish, but it wasn't the right one.

    wonder what I'll cook of yours next??

  8. Love your blog which I recently discovered. Like you I am Portuguese and was born in Mozambique, but I grew up in the US. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My daughters fiancee is Portiguese so I better learn to prepare at least one dish...this would be it.

  10. Thank you for posting this! My husband used to live in Portugal and loves this dish. I made this last year on Christmas day, and it was so good! I'm making it again tonight, our new Christmas tradition.