Monday, November 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday November 3!

Hey Ladies, this week is all about Portuguese food, the meals I grew up with and the ones that remind me of Portugal.


Monday 3rd

Costoletas de porco gratinadas - Pork Chops with a Cheese Bechamel Sauce, fries

Tuesday 4th

Carne Jardineira (portuguese stew)

Wednesday 5th

Peru Assado com batatas - Roasted Turkey thighs and potatoes

Thursday 6th

Carne com chourico e batatas fritas - Beef with Chourico, homemade fries

Friday 7th

Arroz de Salsichas - Sausage Rice

Saturday 8th

Almondegas c/ Esparguete - Meatballs and Spaghetti

Sunday 9th

Galinha a piri piri, salada - Barbecued Piri Piri (hot chilies) Chicken w/ salad


  1. Sandra, your menus always make me hungry, even when I've just eaten!

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but LOVE it!! Where can I find the recipe for the pork chops you are having today (Monday)? I need new recipes for pork chops!!

  3. I am so hungry right now!! Love the line-up!
    -sandy toes

  4. love your blog!

    I've made the apple dumplings and crockpot pot roast and they were both SO yummy!!!!!

    I am thinking the next thing may be the Carne Jardineira

  5. Have you posted the recipes for the Portuguese stew (Carne Jardineira) and for the roasted turkey thighs and potatoes before? If not, I hope you do get around to it. I'd love to try them. Oh and the beef with chourico and hommade potatoes looks so good too. Have you posted that recipe before?

  6. The week's menu is right up my alley as I'm half Portuguese. The turkey thighs sound great! Actually, everything does... can't wait for this week's pictures and recipes.

    Is it just me, or what... I can't find a link to subscribe to your blog. Help!

  7. WOW - Looks like a truly scrumptious week and I love the new header with the kids faces eating those yummies!!

  8. Wonderful menu plan. They all look so delicious!

  9. Can you share how you make the Peru Assado com batatas ?
    That looks AMAZING!!!!!!! THanks! :)