Sunday, November 09, 2008

Menu Plan!

Last week I ended up not making dinner one or two nights, the reason is that hubby is working a weird schedule and it's usually just the kids and I for dinner, so there's days we will just have a sandwich and some fruit and call it good.


Monday 10th
Spaghetti and Meatballs

Tuesday 12th
Croquetes de Carne - Beef Nuggets, Salad

Wednesday 13th
Peru Assado com batatas - Roasted Turkey thighs and potatoes

Thursday 14th
Carne com chourico e batatas fritas - Beef with Chourico, homemade fries

Friday 15th
Caldeirada de Peixe - Portuguese Fish Stew

Saturday 16th
Saucy Skillet Chicken

Sunday 17th
Bacalhau com natas - Cod Fish Casserole


  1. I knew I missed something last week - it was the roasted turkey thighs and potatoes! :) I'll be waiting!

  2. So many recipes I want to make just in this post. Your blog is such a great resource...and inspiration to step up cooking! :)

  3. I really enjoy how your menu plan is visual :)

  4. Looks like another tasty week at your house!

  5. Wow, you are one creative cook. YOur menu puts mine to shame (C: I seriously need to get more creative. Maybe once I'm in my own house.

  6. Your menus are always the best. I would love to try that fish stew! Unfortunately no one would eat it but me. *sigh* Maybe you could fed ex me some? lol

    Have a great week!