Monday, September 25, 2006

MENUS Sep. 25th - 29th

It's monday and time for "MENU PLAN MONDAY"....if you want to share your own or are just curious as to what others are having this week, go on over to Laura at "I'm an Organizing Junkie".

Here's my menu plan for this coming week:


  1. Chicken manicotti sounds good!

  2. Sandra I just love your food blog...such a great idea!

  3. As usual, thank you. I made your crockpot enchiladas tonight to greet my husband when he got home from fishing (fresh salmon tomorrow night) and they were wonderful. Topped them with a bit of guacamole and served a slice of watermelon. Wonderful, wonderful!

  4. Chocolate Mousse is a definite weakness for me.

  5. Gail - The chicken manicottie is delicious :)

    Laura - I'm so glad you love my blog ;) Hope you keep coming back :)

    Bev - YAY, I'm so thrilled to know that you enjoyed it, aren't they just the easiest to make and so good??? :)

    Pamela - Oh boy, it's mine too, this chocolate Mousse is so easy to make and it's really good :)