Monday, September 04, 2006

Round Steak Stroganoff!!!

Edit: I tried it last night and it was DELICIOUS, really really tasty. Hubby and kids loved it and gobbled it up, and hubby actually took leftovers to work today. I'm replacing the picture that was posted before, with this one, I try to get pics of all the dishes I prepare so that you see that I'm actually making it LOL

This looks so yummy, it's my first time trying it so I hope it's good, but hey, who could go wrong with stroganoff right???

So the recipe I'm sharing with you, and what I'm making for dinner tonight, is called


I got the recipe from a Country Woman Magazine, I can't wait to try it :)



  1. Ohhhh. That beautiful kitchen disappeared. But I like this fall look. And I meant to tell you I like the new look at your other place, too. My oh my, you do like to redecorate, don't you. :-)

    I have a question. What are the chances you'd be willing to start supplying some us with printer ink? Because I seem to be running out of ink a lot faster these days, ever since I discovered this food blog of yours. Here goes another print job. This recipe looks wonderful and I'm trying it.

    Rob's having leftovers tonight from the smothered steak recipe I made last night - from your recipes of course. He loved it. I mean, he REALLY loved it.

    Doing everything I can to keep that man's spirits up right now and your smothered steak helped me with that last night.

  2. Oh Barb I'm so GLAD that he enjoyed it, the smothered steak recipe was one that the kids and hubby just LOVED, they've asked me to make it again soon.

    LOL sorry on the printer ink. But I'm happy to know that you're enjoying my recipes :)

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know that you're enjoying them :)