Monday, September 04, 2006

MENUS Sep. 4th - 10th

I just got done with my menus. A lot of you asked me about the Menu Planner I was using and after downloading the file, how to add your info to it.

I use Paintshop Pro, open the file in there, add a new layer and then just add all my info. But this weekend I actually made a new template for all I do is print it out and write in my meals, but to be able to share them with you all, I scan the whole thing onto my computer and then post it for you. So yes, it's in my own handwriting!!!

I'm posting the empty template for you too, in case anyone else wants to use it.

Just print it out and add your own meal plans to it, I actually put in a spot for Desserts or Other stuff I may be trying out that week.

Here are my menus plans, I'm posting the recipe for today's dinner after this post, so check for that above. I also include breakfast and lunch plans....I have found that it makes it a lot easier for me when preparing the meals, the kids are hungry and don't have patience to wait for me while I figure out what to make. This way I just take out whatever is on the menu and make it.

If you want to join in on this Menu Plan Monday, head on over to Laura's Blog "I'm an Organizing Junkie" and just add your name to Mr. Linky. There's tons of other ladies playing along, so you'll have fun going through everyone's menus.


  1. Ha! Now the comments are working properly! Your template looks AMAZING! I'm going to copy off a bunch of them for my homemaking journal that I'm working on. And your week sounds yummy!

  2. Thanks so much for the menu template. I saved it into my food file. And the site looks gorgeous, with all the fall colors!

  3. Nice Template! Thanks for sharing...and thanks for checking out my menus...

  4. Great template Sandra, and I love the new fall look :)

    Your menu all sounds good, and I love that you plan breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too ambitious for me, but I love to read others :)

    Have a great week!!!