Friday, December 07, 2007

Oohhh Aahhh Sandwich


AKA Malboro Man's Favorite Sandwich by Ree from "The Pioneer Woman Cooks".  That's what we had for dinner last night and it was a huge hit again.  That's the second night in a row that I try a recipe from Ree and it's embraced, loved, deserving of seconds, by the family.  That's a good thing!

So here we go, I am showing you step by step as well so you can see that it really is as easy as Ree makes it seem and definitely as delicious.

To go with the sandwiches I made some quick homemade oven fries!

We start by spraying a baking pan with some non stick cooking spray, now you may notice that I didn't have a clean pan available, I know, I know, what a shame, but in my defense, all the christmas cooking and baking has left me with loads in the dishwasher and not a pan ready for baking. 

Anyway, I am just using any old pan, lined it with aluminum foil and spray it down.


Next we need some potatoes, I used 4 good sized ones, 2 red and 2 yukon gold potatoes.  You can do whatever you want, I just like seeing the different colors.


Wash the potatoes and then pull out your Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter....what???  You don't have one???  Oh no, no no no, you need to get it it's such a handy dandy tool and makes the fries look so cool...go get one quick.

Now first you cut the potatoes in half with a normal kitchen knife cause you don't want to be trying to cut them with the cutter straight away, it's just not safe unless you want to end up with some crinkle cut fingers....yeah, not really!


Now start slicing, ooohhh look how pretty.  Slice the potatoes, you can do thick or thin cut, it's up to you.  Then take each slice and slice it into fries.  You know what I mean right???


Next you're going to sprinkle on, Lawry's Seasoning Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Garlic Powder and Thyme.  Mix them all together and pop them in a 375 º oven for about 30 minutes or until they're done. 


YUMMY!  And let me tell you, they smell SO good while they're baking.

Now onto the real star of the meal, the Steak Sandwich!

We start by thinly slicing the onions!


In the meantime, we have 1/4 stick of butter melting on the stove top. 


Next we add the onions....can't you just smell them already??  Seriously, onion or garlic cooking on the stove is one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world.

While the onions cook, we slice 2 1/2 lbs of tenderized steak, against the grain.


Then sprinkle with Lawry's seasoning salt. 


In the meantime, we need to remove the onions and set them aside, then add another 2 Tablespoons of butter to the skillet and let it get hot, Ree suggests leaving it until the butter starts turning brown.  Mmmmmmm!


Add the meat to the skillet in a single layer and do not stir.  Let it sit for a minute or so on each side so that it can brown nicely and then turn.


Next we add the Worcestershire sauce, I used 1/2 cup.  Ree says you can start with this amount and add more later if you want, but I found that for me it worked fine.


Now comes the Tabasco, I LOVE LOVE this stuff, I throw it on everything, steaks and hamburgers, scrambled eggs, tuna sandwiches, you name's there.  Now you have to be careful here because if you're feeding these sandwiches to your kids you don't want to over do it.  I sprinkled about 5 drops and my kids didn't even flinch so I guess that's a safe amount.


Now here come the onions and another 2 Tablespoons of butter, I'm sure Paula Deen would have been proud to see this much butter in one dish.  LOL

Definitely makes ME happy!  Stir the mixture and let it sit while you get the bread ready.


Slice the bread in half.  I am using HUGE wholewheat hoagie buns, for some reason when I went to the grocery store I couldn't find any smaller, I wonder if the whole base found Ree's recipe online and were at this very same moment making the sandwiches????


Now you're supposed to spread butter on each half or be rebellious like Ree and just use a big chunk of butter to spread on the pan.  Again notice how I don't have the right pan??

That's not going to stop me though, I was determined to have these sandwiches come hell or high water. 

Place the bread in the pan and toast them on each side.  My family was whining about having to wait for the bread, so they didn't get toasted completely, just warm enough where the butter is all melty and in every little pore of the bread.....*drool*


Place a layer of meat and onions on the bread and then spoon some sauce over it, because you's just not fattening enough right??? 

VOILA!  The Ooohh Ahhhh Sandwich as my kids named it!

Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich
2 to 3 pounds cube steak (tenderized round steak that’s been extra-tenderized
1 large onion OR 2 small/medium onions
4 French/Deli rolls
Butter, man
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Worcestershire Sauce

-Slice onions and cook in 1/4 stick butter until soft and light brown. Remove and set aside.
-Slice cube steak against the grain. Season with Lawry’s.
-Heat 2 TBSP butter over high heat (in same skillet) until melted and beginning to brown.
-Add meat in single layer. Cook one side until brown, then flip and cook until brown, about a minute on both sides.
-Add 1/2 (at least) Worcestershire sauce, 5 to 6 shakes Tabasco, and 2 TBSP butter. Add cooked onions. Stir to combine.
-Butter halved French rolls and brown on skillet.
-To assemble, lay bottom half of French roll on plate. Place meat mixture, followed by a spoonfull of juice from the pan. Top with other half of roll, cut in half, and devour!


  1. Looks yummy. I think I saw a couple of Pampered Chef items in there. I am a consultant and have always been a big fan of their stuff. Will have to try the recipe!!!

  2. WOW! Looks delicious! I'll have to try! I have that exact crinkle cutter.

  3. I saw that recipe on Ree's site and thought I should try it. After reading your review, I will! I have the crinkle cutter and will try those fries too. Tomorrow I am attempting Ree's famouse cinnamon rolls!

  4. Indeed, an "ooohhhhh...ahhhh" sandwich! :)

  5. I've been wanting to try this sandwich. It will have to go on next week's menu.