Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Plan Monday October 13

Hey Ladies, come on into my kitchen and see what I'm cooking this week.


Monday 13th

B: Pumpkin Pancakes
L: Grilled Jalapeno Cheese Sandwiches
D: Portuguese Pork Chops and Potatoes

Tuesday 14th

B: Oatmeal, Juice
L: Shrimp & Pork Egg Rolls
D: Meatballs w/ Pasta

Wednesday 15th

B: Cinnamon Toast, Milk
L: Sub Sandwich, Chips
D: Veggie Lasagna


Thursday 16th

B: Apple Turnovers
L: Tuna Salad
D: Beef Stew w/ potato dumplings

Friday 17th

B: Mini Pancakes w/ Apple Butter, Juice
L: Leftovers
D: Dijon-crusted Chicken Breasts

Saturday 18th

B: Out for the day, will grab something
L: Will be out and will have late breakfast
D: Mexican Potato Casserole

Sunday 19th

B: Bacon, Sausages, Biscuits and Gravy
L: Pizza
D: Beef Curry



  1. What a great "lineup"? Do you budget or how do you plan these meals?
    -Sandy Toes

  2. Oh, that beef curry looks so yummy...and the recipe is one I can totally handle. My list of "must make"s from your blog is getting longer and longer :).

  3. Can I come eat at your house?? Your menu looks amazing!

  4. Now I feel like making pork curry....

  5. Wow, I love your menus! Looks yummy! Heidi

  6. oh yum! what a great looking menu! thanks for sharing!

  7. And not a pb&j to be found anywhere. *sigh*

    Beautiful site, and I'll be back, but I'm going to have to pretend in my own head that this is like t.v. and that it's all pretend. ;)