Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Pizza courtesy of Skype

I want to show you the best pizza you could ever prepare for your family.

I mean, they will be shocked at the end result and will no doubt leave them with mouths hanging open, amazed and speechless.

This pizza...............Ohhhhhh this pizza is amazing.

Pepperoni, cooked nice and crisp.....a nice golden brown crust......YUM.MY!


Best thing about this pizza is that it's multi-functional can use it at the park as a substitute Frisbee


Ahhhhh, bet you're dying to know how to prepare such a beauty, aren't you?

Well, it's pretty easy pull it out of the box, you warm up the oven to 400 degrees, then you pop in the pizza and go get on Skype with your family in South Africa.

Just talk and talk and laugh and joke and talk some more and then proceed to take them around your whole house with the laptop in hand so they can see everything you're doing.....all while this delicious pizza is cooking.

Then come back into the kitchen an hour later and say "Oh pizza is done".

That's it!   Easy huh???????

I will NEVER live this down.  This is my FIRST time ever burning anything that I've cooked.  HA!

Note:  Don't try this at home.


  1. Oh Sandra! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Too funny! (Actually, you made me hungry for pizza.)

  3. Lmao! Been there, burned the pizza before. It doesn't usually happen because if we're having frozen pizza, it means we're starving and want it *now*. But I've tried multi-tasking and forgot that I actually put the pizza in already (and not just preheating the oven or something silly like that). Skype seems to make the best pizza, though!

  4. I think I've made this kind of pizza already!

  5. Sadly, it may not be your last lol! It happens to the best of us :-D

  6. So funny - and love the pic in the kitchen. Been there, done that. :)

  7. My Hubs and I ate a pizza that looked almost exactly like that. We were on a mini honeymoon and decided to cook in our hotel room. Using a new oven we misjudged the timing. We didn't feel like going out, so we ate as much of it as possible. I'm sure we went to bed hungry, but the memory was worth it!

  8. That is too funny! Reminds me of when I have cleaned my cast iron skillets. I can't seem to stay in the kitchen and remember to turn the burner off after they have dried!