Ghost Toast

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Here we are, another year, another Halloween.  Ghost and ghoulies and skeletons and witches and food....because to me the best part of any Holiday is the yumminess that ensues.

I don't do too many things on Halloween, but this year I'll actually be making some fun things for the kids, and mainly because they're getting older and won't be as into Trick or Treating as before.

To start off the day, some Ghost Toast.  Super easy to make.  Using this technique you can most certainly make this toast for any other Holiday during the year and use either shapes or words etc.

Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast

Sliced Bread
Butter or margarine
Cinnamon Sugar

Cut or tear some foil into a ghost shape.  I prefer cutting though foil is not exactly the easiest to cut, it has this tendency to wrinkle and tear.  But best as you can, just cut out your shape.  Remember to make some eyes.  I use my metal kitchen thermometer to gently poke out some eyes and I just bend the foil backwards.

Ghost Toast

Butter a piece of bread.  Then stick your foil to the butter. (and yes, I only butter one side as I won't be turning these)

Now sprinkle a good amount of cinnamon sugar.  Take your cinnamon and give a good sprinkle over the eyes.  I take my finger and just push the cinnamon into the eye holes.  (you can do this part in the end too if you prefer).

Ghost Toast

Broil it for about 2 or 3 minutes until it's to your liking.

Remove the foil and serve.

My kids LOVE this toast, they always find it amazing that the shape is in the bread.

Ghost Toast

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  1. I loved the idea!! It looks amazingly spooky :)

  2. Great Idea, I will also try this for my self , Thanks so much jokesfb

  3. Oops sorry about deleting my post - I was trying to work my way around the google comment information. Anyway I loved your ghost toast idea and I wanted to say thanks for sharing - we will definitely use it at Christmas time, probably with an outline of Santa. Such a cute and clever idea!


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