Monday, October 17, 2011

Roast Chicken and Gravy

I love roast chicken.  LOVE it!

But sometimes I want to make it a teeny tiny different than usual, so I put this one into the oven and did my usual spices but decided to add in a can of turkey gravy and boy was it good.

The trick to a really good roast chicken is to cook it for a long time.

I remember for the first few years of being married, I wanted to rush it all, I thought that I should be able to cook the perfect roast chicken while only baking it for like 45 minutes, I mean if it was cooked through and done,  it was great right?

Wrong!  The longer you leave it in, the more time it has to develop the flavor, to soak it all in and to get so tender that it starts falling off the bone....and THAT is what you want.

So this is what I did:

Roast Chicken and Gravy

Roast Chicken and Gravy

1 whole chicken, cut up
olive oil
salt and pepper
minced garlic
1 can of turkey gravy

I like using my stoneware roasters for the chicken. Drizzle some olive oil on the bottom, add the chicken, then season with the salt and pepper, garlic, paprika and parsley, drizzle a little bit more olive oil over the chicken.

Pour the can of turkey gravy over everything and then pop into a 375 degree oven and cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes or until the chicken is done and a nice brown color.


  1. I have a tendency to throw a whole chicken into the crock pot with a touch of water. Turn on low and 8 hours later, you have beautiful broth and a chicken falling off the bone. The only problem is that is smells so good, I always have to leave the house!

  2. Now a thing of beauty :) It's a shame they don't sell gravy over here in The Netherlands. Thats one of the things I miss from home! I'll have to see if I can come up with a homemade version of the gravy!

  3. This couldn't be easier! I can't wait to give this a try. You always keep me in new dinner ideas!

  4. I love roasted chicken. I did not know that roasting it longer would make it more tender - thank you for that tip. I am NOT a real big fan of turkey though, so I've been thinking that maybe I'll make a roasted chicken this year for Thanksgiving, instead of battling a big turkey. I will, of course, have to try this out before then. ;)

  5. Made this for dinner tonight. It was yum!