Friday, September 19, 2008

Cookie Caramel Pudding!

One of the most common portuguese desserts is Pudim de Caramelo and I can tell you right now that every portuguese housewive has at least one or two versions of this recipe.

This is a different take on the pudding, it's perfect for those days when you need a great dessert but don't want something elaborate.



10 Maria cookies or you could use Vanilla Wafers too
2 cups of milk
4 eggs
10 teaspoons sugar

For the caramel:

1 cup of sugar

Place the sugar in a small pot on medium heat and cook until you get a brown colored syrup. Pour into a fluted pan and set aside.

Mix the remaining ingredients in a blender and pour over the caramel in the fluted pan.

Bake at 350º in a water bath for about 40 minutes. Let cool down completely and then unmold onto a serving dish.

Place in refrigerator and serve cold.


  1. so simple, yet so delicious!

    Can't wait to try this one, Sandra!! Yummy.. I love love caramel!! I love it alot... a whole lot!!

  2. Wow, that sounds quick and easy and yummy!

  3. Wow, this sounds & looks yummy. Gives me an excuse to go out and buy Maria cookies! Love your blog!