Friday, September 02, 2011

Menu Plan for week Sept. 2 - Sept. 9th

I know it's kinda weird, usually people start from a Monday or even a Sunday but I'm always the odd one out and I start from whenever pay day is for us Military folks.  So grocery shopping was done yesterday which meant a day of take out, which meant a day of feeling yucky, which meant a day of me wishing and praying that today would come around really fast.
Dinner time....

Here is my menu plan for the next week:

Friday 2nd - General Tso's Chicken

Saturday 3rd - Grilled Steaks, Twice Baked Potatoes

Sunday 4th - Baked Chicken Penne

Monday 5th - Ranch House Crockpot Pork Chops w/ Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday 6th - Scooter's Spaghetti

Wednesday 7th - Crockpot Grinders

Thursday 8th - Shrimp Lo mein

Friday 9th - Beef Curry


  1. Oh my goodness! Everything sounds amazing!

  2. I know what you mean about military pay day. I couldn't wait for ours to come around either. Now that my husband is retired Air Force and has a full time job, I don't have to wait for pay day every month--just every now and then. Your menu sounds so good. I actually had a menu made up this week but I went to town early this morning and forgot to put my things on to cook. Now I'll be scrounging to come up with something else=( I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Take care.

  3. Will you share the pork chop recipe? I never know what to do with them, and yet I continue to buy them because they're often at a good price. Thanks!

  4. Everything sounds delish, especially the Crockpot Grinders, Scooter's Spaghetti, and Shrimp Lo Mein. I hope you share your recipes with us, so looking forward to it!

  5. Can you please share your recipe for the Ranch House Pork Chops? My family loves pork chops (not a big fan, myself) but I only have 1 or 2 recipes for them and I know they are tired of the same old, same old!

  6. Your menu looks great, but what I'm focusing on is that cute apron! I love it! ;)

  7. Please share your crockpot grinders recipe!!! I am intrigued!!