Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stocking the Deep Freezer

Do you buy in bulk for the freezer?   Do you even have a deep freezer?

We didn't have one until about 6 months ago or so, and now I don't know how we ever survived without it.  One of the main reasons we bought it, other than because we live in base housing and the refrigerators are TINY and nowhere near enough to stock food for a family of because I wanted to buy in bulk from the butcher.


Some may say that it's more expensive, truthfully I don't think it is, but even if it was a little more than what you pay at your local commissary or grocery store, the freshness of meat bought at a butcher shop just can't compare.

Obviously this is purely my opinion.


We picked up our order from the butcher this afternoon and now that the freezer is stocked, I'm able to sit down and write up a Menu Plan and a grocery list.


Once I figure out what I'm making, then I'll go back into the freezer and actually organize the packages per day and week so it's much easier to find what I need daily.


So this is what I got:

Family Econo Pack

10 – 10oz Prime Top Sirloin Steaks
10lbs Ground Beef
3lbs Smoked Bacon
3lbs Homemade Sausage
10 -Center Cut Pork Chops
8 – Country Style Ribs
8 – All Beef Hot Dogs
3 – Fresh, Whole or Cut up Chickens
3 – Boneless Top Round Steaks
3 – Pork Loin Roasts
3 – Boneless Beef Roasts

So I'm off to work on the Menu Plan. For a family of four, I think we have meat to last us quite a while. :)


  1. I buy organic, grass fed beef from a local farmer & love it!! You can't compare the taste or quality to grocery store beef! I think it's a great buy & worth every penny!!

  2. We buy bulk from our meat butcher too. We get great deals and the meat is exceptional. I agree with you, I don't know what we'd do without our freezer.