Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

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So one of the things we picked up yesterday at the butcher, which was not on the original 60 lbs we got, was some short ribs that just beckoned us.  Or rather, it beckoned my husband for he kept eyeing them and asking a few times "do we want to get something else too?".........which in man talk means "I really want those short ribs and I think you should get them".

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

And I did, because I love this man, he works hard everyday providing for our family and he serving his country.  So when he asks for something special to eat, I usually cave right away.

These are super easy to make and are amazing.

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

You need about 1/2 pound for each person, I just picked up 4 BIG short ribs for our family of four
salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder
olive oil
1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce

One thing right off the bat, you can't beat the quality of meat from a butcher, just look at how pretty and bright red these are, you can tell they're super fresh, which will taste really good.

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

Season with salt and pepper and the garlic powder.

In a cast iron pot, drizzle some olive oil, I put enough to cover the bottom. Turn the heat to high, then pop in the short ribs. Brown them on each side and if you get any charred parts, even better, those are full of flavor.

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

Pour in the whole bottle of BBQ sauce. What I like to do is then add a little water to the bottle and swish it around to get all the bits and pieces of sauce left in there, then pour that into the cast iron pan.

Oven BBQ Braised Short Ribs

Put the lid on and pop in a 325 degree oven for about 2 hours or until done. Remove from the oven and let them sit for about 20 minutes or so before serving.

I just find that I take them out and then go set the table and round up the family and by the time everyone is seated and ready to eat, I serve them :)

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  1. I've always wondered how to cook short ribs. Boy, do these look good!! I must say that I'm loving all your recent posts--and the ones after this one too. They sure are making me want to branch out in my cooking. Thanks so much--my family thanks you too. Take care.

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