Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My favorite toast

I know you're probably sitting there and thinking "she's lost her ever loving mind, why is she talking about toast?".  But I just have to because I don't like toast made in the toaster.  GASP!

Toast for me is made using some sort of hearty bread roll and then toasted over a fire.

It reminds me of my Uncle Carlos who passed away 4 years ago.  You know how certain foods can take you back to a place and time, or remind you of a person?  That's what this toast does for me.

Now if you go camping, I'm sure you are well aware of making toast this way, but really you don't need to have it only when you're out in the wilderness sleeping in a tent, you can have it at home too.

Favorite Toast

My favorite part, placing it over the fire and watching it start toasting....

Favorite Toast

There is such an amazing taste to it, so much more flavorful than making it in the toaster

Favorite Toast

Then slathered with some butter and I don't skimp. I remember my greatgrandma would do the same thing, she would cover every single inch of that bread and then when she bit into it, she would slather on some more, then take another bite, and add some more butter.

Favorite Toast

*drool* I even like dipping mine into the coffee. Does anyone else do that? I find that I'll dip bread and butter, or even toast with jam into the coffee. Am I weird?


  1. I dip mine into tea and coffee.. not at the same time of course. Very delicious.

  2. Not at all! I dip my toast, doughnuts, muffins....almost anything in my coffee. I absolutely love my toast with gobs of butter.....now I know I'm not alone with my obsession!

  3. Sandra,

    You just brought me back to 1988, when me and my cousins spent from everywhere spent the summer in my Grandma's house in Portugal. This is exactly how we spent every morning making our toast and at night for a bedtime snack. Defenitaly the best way to have toast! A galao and some torradas right now would be so good!

    Thanx Sandra,


  4. My grandmother came from Belgium, and brought the custom of dipping bread in coffee. i started drinking coffee before I even went to school! We, not so much dunked toast, but fresh homemade bread dripping in butter. Yes, the wonderful memories. Thank you.